17 August 2012

Long time...no write

I am sitting here in my local Starbucks, having a crappy morning... Even though I crashed out for twelve hours after my Belfast flight yesterday, I have kink in my neck from my logging set up. Don't get me wrong, the air mattress coupled with my $4 pillow from Target have been a life saver (and home) for the past year. Over the past year, since returning to work, my belief and respect in this company has plummeted. This merger has been a nightmare in regards to supplies for s proper service, the moral of the staff, and the feeling like we even matter to the new company. It seems like their focus is solely on the other side of the merger, of bringing them up to our standards. But wait...you can't bring a company rated lowest in every aspect up to the level of a JD Power and Associates level. So what have they done? Drug us down to meet them in them in the middle. All this has done, in my mind, is create animosity. Them for having to work harder, us for loosing our status, and anger from our customers from being pushed to the curb. The others passengers get on the plane angry and hateful for years of being treated like shit. It takes one trip for them to figure out which crew is working the flight and change their tune. It gets tiresome to explain to passengers that indeed we will be back with many more beverage services and that we are not out to get them as they have experienced in the past. The only good thing to have come out of this merger is the opening of sattelite bases. I was hesitant at first to put my transfer in as I consider myself soley an international based flight attend. Two problems with this: I am still on reserve after six years with no end in sight as our flights keep being given to the other and the commute to the East coast is killing not only my moral but my relationships at home once again. It was a wave of excitement when I put the transfer in on 2 July and tears of joy when it was announced that I was in yesterday. I am positive I have made the right decision and can't wait to start fresh in San Fransisco in six weeks.

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